Swagtron SwagCycle Classic Folding Electric Bicycle Review – best affordable electric bike under 1000

In a list of the top ten best foldable electric bikes, Swagtron SwagCycle Classic E-Bike Folding Electric Bicycle doesn’t miss from the list. On a scale of one to ten, this one scoops a solid eight making it the best electric bike in its price range. It’s not every day that you meet a high-quality bike at a low price, and this is one of them.

Features and Specifications

Foldable Design

The frame of this bike is made using aluminum. It comes is a quick three-fold design which makes its storage highly convenient and easy especially in space deprived areas. All you need to do is fold the pedals then open the latch on the handlebar stem and frame in order to reduce its size.

Speed and Mileage

This bike comes with a Lithium battery which requires a maximum of four hours to charge fully. You also have the freedom of purchasing a spare battery separately to avoid inconvenience. The speed travelled by this bike is highly dependent on the weight of the rider. Riders weighing up to 120 kgs can ride up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.

The tires of this bike are made thick and fitted with air-filled rubber for added comfort. The bike also incorporates the Auto-guard technology which halts the motor when you brake.

Working Modes

This electric bike comes with three different working modes; pedal assist mode, throttle only mode and the Human-Power-only mode. The pedal assist is for those who want to ride for long distances. The throttle mode, on the other hand, is for attaining the highest speed and going at breath-taking speeds.

The Good

Great for Riding Uphill

This bike is great for riding uphill without struggles, regardless of your weight. The different riding modes assist you with this task. You will ride a hill with an inclination of 10° and 15° with no struggles at all.

Good Stopping Power

Compared to other models such as the SwagCycle EB-5, the braking power of this bike is better, without any doubt. There is no need to go to the full capability of the brakes or even risking the handlebars. A little heads up, the brakes might be a little bit squeal for the first times, but will disappear with time.

The Bad

Uncomfortable Seat

The seats of this bike are controversial. While other have no issues with it, other riders find it very subjective. Anyway, if the seats aren’t the most comfortable for you, you have the option of purchasing a new cruiser seat.

Who Is It For?

SwagCycle Classic is designed specifically for men and women who are looking for an eco-friendly and affordable option for commuting around the city. It is for the lazy ones who want to commute to their destinations without struggling. This bike works best on flat and smooth roads and pathways.


What you’re settling for with this bike is a compact, beautiful, high quality and dependable bike. What’s even better is that it comes at an affordable price as one of the best affordable electric bikes under 1000. This bike provides a great value for your money and you won’t regret purchasing it.